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It’s time to focus on achieving your business goals through strategic design that helps you convert visitors into customers. Let us help you move beyond the brochure website.


Let's talk about you

Every C3 Strategic Web Design project begins with an honest and in-depth conversation with you about your business. Your specific business goals should be the driving force behind everything you do online and every customer communication. We work hard to understand all we can about your customers; who they are, how they think and what drives them to action.

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Road Map to Success

Once your strategy is defined, we get to work defining a road map for your website: the exact path your visitors should take to accomplish your goals. We’ll use behavioral and social psychology, research and tested methods to guide them through the ideal path to a purchase or other conversion. This roadmap is the foundation of something great; a website that will really make a difference for your business.


Building Better

After the goals have been defined and the strategy is in place, our talented design team goes to work putting together a design that will build your brand while providing an incredible experience for your visitors. Your website will be more than beautiful; it will utilize the very latest design and development methods to provide a consistent experience across all technologies and devices – no separate mobile site required!

Ongoing Testing and Analysis

Once your website is launched and the leads start coming in, we won’t just hand you the keys and walk away. We provide ongoing testing and analysis to ensure you are getting amazing results from your new website. We will revisit your site design with you periodically to ensure your goals are being met and that your needs have not changed.

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“Our website is an international storefront setting the standard for creative luxury wedding invitations and C3 did a world-class job making it meet my expectations with usability, design and communication. We’re spending probably 20 hours less per week answering questions because the website does it for us! No one would believe they’re based right here in Mississippi. I can’t recommend them enough!”

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- Erin Napier, Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence

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